Welcome to Brussels!

By Sarah Crook


After lots of missed, delayed and switched flights we all made it (with the exception of some luggage) to Brussels, Belgium by 10:30am Thursday morning! We learned how to validate our EuRail passes and got some Euros to start our journey to the place we will call home for the next 90 days.

We took the train to the last stop in Brussels where we got a glimpse of our new town. I noticed all the roofs either had solar panels or skylights, taking advantage of the sunlight. After the train was a short subway ride and a ten minute walk to AXL Aparthotel where we awaited the keys to our rooms. There is a large courtyard outside our apartment and will be nice to enjoy any day when the sun decides to finally grace us with its presence.


After we got settled we were treated to lunch by NDSU then were free to explore the rest of the evening. After settling in we walked a few blocks to the grocery store and took in all the new facades and design all around us. My favorite part was the moss growing between the cobblestones on the sidewalks and roads.

IMG_20140201_184600 IMG_20140201_184649  IMG_20140201_185209IMG_20140201_184938

Over the next few days we explored Brussels and found the chocolate shops and other necessities. We noticed the traffic patterns of people and cars and are beginning to find our way around without looking like tourists. The old town square is a big landmark for me and helps me figure out where everything else is.  I love the city so far and can’t wait to explore everything that Belgium has to offer!


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