Miranda Castle & Austria!

Before traveling to Europe one of our class assignments was to research an intriguing site that we wanted to visit while we were abroad. I researched an old chateau called the Miranda Castle or “Chateau de Noisy”. Owned by Liedekerke-Beaufort family, the castle was originally a single residence house and eventually between World War I and II, the castle became the “Home de Noisy”, a vacation camp for SNCB (Belgian national rail company) railwaymen’s children. After a fire in 1991, the place has been abandoned and sentenced to complete demolition later this year. Michael & I have been very intrigued with this castle for a while so last week we decided it would be best to visit it. We took a train that dropped us off close to Celles and we walked a couple miles and found it without a problem. Here are some pictures from our 3 hour adventure where we learned about how elements of structure wear over time and can succumb to surrounding pressures.









Later in the week Sam, Kenzie, Esau, Amber, Michael, and I all took a long weekend trip that started in Munich, Germany and then traveled throughout Austria. The many, many, many stairs it took to get to our cozy hostel on a Salzburg hilltop prepared us for our following hiking adventure in Hallstaat. This has been my favorite place of the whole trip. The mountain town is nestled right along the banks of a serene lake and can only be reached by ferry. Esau, Kenzie, Sam, and I spent a few hours climbing the narrow paths and were awestruck by the mountain views. Finally reaching the lookout area, sweaty and in short sleeves, we walked around in some snow and took pictures on the cantilevered walkway. I don’t think any of us will ever forget the view we had. After leaving Hallstaat we traveled to Vienna for a couple days and enjoyed exploring the heart of the city as well as its nightlife around the metro. It was a great trip, however I think many of us will be avoiding night trains when possible.








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