Spring Break – Chelsea Lenz

Spring break was a whirlwind of adventure. We left Brussels at 6am on Thursday morning and hopped on train to Switzerland. We only spent one night here, as it is VERY expensive, so we chose to go to the beautiful Rhine Falls – one of the largest waterfalls in Europe.



The next day we headed over to Fussen, Germany. We went to visit some nineteenth century castles located in the mountains nearby. Hohenschwangau castle and Neuschwanstein castle. Neuschwanstein is the famous castle that the Disney palace is designed after. Fussen itself is a very quaint town with old fashion streets and extremely delicious traditional German food.  



After Germany we got on yet another train to meet up with some classmates in St Anton, Austria and go skiing/snowboarding.  Skiing down the side of a mountain in the Alps is one of the most amazing and beautiful things you will ever see. 


After skiing for 2 days we went to Italy.  We started in Venice – the city of canals – and then made our way through the country to Pisa and Florence. Our last stop in Italy was Genoa. We had a few hiccups trying to get here – a forgotten purse on a train (thankfully found with everything still there!) and several extra hours on a train we made it to Genoa, only to find it was down pouring. 



Our last stop, and perhaps my favorite, was a last minute addition so that we could break up our travel back and get out of the rain in Genoa, was Nice, France. Our plan was to stay the afternoon and head back to Brussels on Monday morning, however, even the best made plans sometimes go astray.  The train we needed was completely booked and our ONLY option was to come back on Tuesday for a lot more Euros than we had planned. Thankfully, Nice had beautiful weather so we spent our extended trip on the beach.




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