The Diamond City: Amsterdam! : Tim Halvorson

Hello All! This has been quite the fulfilling journey thus far and absolutely worth it! What follows is simply my experience of Amsterdam this past weekend and is but a small chapter in the larger story. If you are curious, add me on Facebook and check out more of the journey across Europe in my photo albums: GO THERE NOW >>

I also came across an amazing article that really helped me understand why us creative types think the way we do and how travel means so much more to us. Check it out: 18 Things Highly Creative People Do


We traveled there this past weekend April 3rd – April 6th. On the way there, we made our first stop in ROTTERDAM. Click on any of the pictures to see the gallery!

We set out to explore Amsterdam for the first time. What was very self-evident was everything you might expect from Amsterdam: bikes, cats, river canals, and the mixed aroma of coffee, cigarettes, and marijuana all around. Welcome to Amsterdam! Check out some of the interesting things we came across during our first walk through the city below::

The next day, we explored more of Amsterdam going from the old with Westerpark and finishing with some incredible new Architecture at the Film Cultural Center opposite Amsterdam Central Station. The Westerpark style was so prevalent and consistent throughout with the font face and the custom brick work, it really felt like you were dropped into the middle of a 50’s movie! Below you can also see a truly green building. It is a recreation facility with a pool and fully equipped gym on the inside. Conveniently attached is a KFC restaurant. (just in case you get the munchies after burning all those calories)

Crossed the river to the other side checking out the HEMA HQ as well as the Amsterdam Film Cultural Center. It’s debatable that the interactive color projector was the highlight of the day!

For the final day, it was amazing to check out the man made island of Steigereiland. These many houses were all inspired by the sizing of shipping containers and remind me very much of both the 2nd year dwelling project as well as the many iterations for Brise Solei!

20140404-5688_I Amsterdam SignIn the end, Amsterdam is a breath-taking city with a lot to offer. This city is full of life and opportunities for experiences and creativity! Beyond what we saw, they offer many different art museums like the Van Gogh and amazing parks. The people really love their city and I’m glad we had the opportunity to visit and experience their truly unique culture.

Best wishes from abroad!
Tim Halvorson


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